A little about myself.

I'm Jacob Mooney, and I make video games. I'm a designer, but most of my professional work to date has been in Quality Assurance. On the side, I operate a weekly design blog and develop board games.

Recent Work

Quality Assurance, Customer Service, and Playtest Coodinator for the Jackbox Party Pack 4

Contains Fibbage 3, Bracketeering, Civic Doodle, Survive the Internet, and Monster Seeking Monster

QA Tester on Jackbox Party Pack 3

Five new party games from Jackbox Games!

QA Tester on Drawful 2

The triumphant return of the hilarious drawing game by Jackbox Games.

QA Tester on Agents of Mayhem

An upcoming open-world shooter by Deep Silver Volition!

QA Tester on Quiplash

Offer up your sharpest quips to win over the most votes!

QA Tester on Jackbox Party Pack 2

A collection of five party games from Jackbox Games!

QA coordinator for Gravity Ghost

A gorgeous, interstellar 2D platformer designed by Erin Robinson. Available on Steam!

Designer on Yeti's Quest

A memory-based runner for iOS.

Getting in Touch

Want to get in touch? Great! Just send me an email at JacobDanielMooney@gmail.com