A little about myself.

I'm Jacob Mooney, and I make video games. I'm a QA Tester and Playtest Manager for Jackbox Games, which means that I test each game we work on both manually and by bringing in volunteers. I've worked for several kinds of teams from large to small both inside and outside the video game industry. I'm a creative, meticulous, compassionate designer who wants to make sure that everyone around me feels like they're making something great. Because a fulfilled team makes fulfilling games.

Recent Work

Quality Assurance, Customer Service, and Playtest Coodinator for the Jackbox Party Pack 4

Contains Fibbage 3, Bracketeering, Civic Doodle, Survive the Internet, and Monster Seeking Monster

Quality Assurance and Playtest Manager on Jackbox Party Pack 3

Contains Quiplash 2, Trivia Murder Party, Guesspionage, TeeKO, and Fakin It

QA Tester on Drawful 2

The triumphant return of the hilarious drawing game by Jackbox Games.

QA Tester on Agents of Mayhem

An upcoming open-world shooter by Deep Silver Volition!

QA Tester on Quiplash

Offer up your sharpest quips to win over the most votes!

QA Tester on Jackbox Party Pack 2

A collection of five party games from Jackbox Games!

QA coordinator for Gravity Ghost

A gorgeous, interstellar 2D platformer designed by Erin Robinson. Available on Steam!

Designer on Yeti's Quest

A memory-based runner for iOS.

Getting in Touch

Want to get in touch? Great! Just send me an email at JacobDanielMooney@gmail.com